B.O.T.S : BOts Tactical Simulation

B.O.T.S is a free programming game, where robots (called bots) fight in a arena.
You don't control bots interactively, you program their AI and let them alone fighting using the strategy you defined. The main goal is to make the most powerful (i.e. clever) bot.
Tournament are organized to test your bot behaviour against other bots

The game concept is similar to other programming games like CRobots or JRobots, but have some specificity :
- Bots are coded in assembler language (and in C language in a near futur)
- Bots fight in a sophisticated arena containing walls, water and even instant death holes
- Bots of the same team can "talk" using a radio
- Simulation is totally predictive and speed-independant because the simulation rely on a virtual time. So playing a match at differents speed always give the same results ! You can also replay a match simply using the same startup init.

A full environnement is also available, for developping bots, debugging, creating maps and playing matches.

This really works ! Go the the download section and try it !


Here is a screenshot showing B.O.T.S in action :
Bots in action !